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Energy Efficient Doors and Windows

Energy Efficient Doors

Keep In The Warmth & Lower Your Energy Bills

Amador Iron Works is proud to announce our patented energy conserving insulation technology available as an upgrade to your doors!

Whether you live in a cold or hot environment, our thermally broken technology will keep the inside temperature where it’s supposed to be. Better than any other insulation previously in existence, our technology will save you money while keeping you comfortable.

In independent testing, our doors had an exterior temperature of -16 degrees Fahrenheit and the interior temperature was 75 degree Fahrenheit.  This differential is unlike any other iron door ever made.  Our patented design will work the same for the heat and direct sun light and ensure you have the most beautiful, secure and efficient iron door designs on the market.

With our patented design process, we can make this thermally broken design in our Amador ready to ship line, Custom doors, or our Modern and Panorama line.

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