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About Amador Iron Works

Amador Iron Works  has been at the same factory location in Monterrey Mexico for over 30 years.  All of our products are designed and built 100% in house.  We start with flat sheets of metal and we use our metal shear and break to make our own jambs and door.  This means we make our own "tubing" in house to ensure consistent quality.  We bend all of our own raw bar stock in house and by hand.  Our artisans are experts in their field with many of them having their knowledge passed down from their fathers and grandfathers.  They take great pride in standing over the fire pit to make each creation.  All or our hinges are machined in house as well as our window latches which are designed to be trouble free for many years.  All our products are then  coated a matte black and then sent to our in house paint shop.  There, they apply one of several paint colors of automotive style 2 part paint and then once it's perfect, they apply two coats of clear polyurethane to protect each door for years to come.

Doors Creating Process in Texas

Our doors are designed to be installed into the existing opening meaning there is no modification needed for standard sized doors.  For example, our  3'0" x 8' 0" doors have a jamb size of 37 1/2" x 97 1/2" which is the exact same as a standard wood door of this size.  The jamb is not 1 1/2" or 2" wide like your typical wrought iron door and most of them have a 39" or 40" jamb which is required to get the 36" door.  This won't fit into existing rough openings without major modifications.  We have our own metal break and metal shear in house so we make the iron jamb 3/4" wide to allow the customer to keep a true 36" door.  This is not normal in the iron door market and makes it so that the customer can reuse their existing trim  cutting cost and time.  We also do not use mounting tabs which means you don't need to cut the sheetrock and instead, set our doors to be mounted with lag bolts through the jamb so that you lag parallel to the face of the door and 90 degrees to the door jamb.  This ensures you get to at least two of the double or triple studs  on the door opening instead.  This is a much cleaner, simpler, and easier install not to mention much faster.   All of our double doors are set the same way and have standard size jambs which will fit in the standard size locations without modification.

Since we are the manufacturer, we can manufacture any custom design you might like as well.  If you can help us understand how to draw it or give us a picture or sketch, we can make it.  AIW has two full time Engineer's on staff at our factory and they continually work on CAD drawings for customers wanting our custom designs.  Give us a call and we can work with you on almost any iron project you might have in mind.

Door Painting Process in Texas

Standard on all of our doors:

  • 3 ball bearing hinges on each door  able to support 750 lbs each hinge and manufactured in house at our factory
  • Primed and painted with 2 part automotive grade paint
  • Built in steel threshold for longevity and strength
  • Operable hinged glass that opens for ease of cleaning depending upon design chosen
  • 5/8" Insulated Glass panels standard on all doors
  • EPDM Marine Grade Rubber seals for all operable glass window frames
  • Minimum 14 gauge steel thickness for jamb and doors
  • All of our doors are 2" thick
  • 5/8" solid bar for scroll work
  • Polyurethane foam injected doors and jambs for added insulation

Our Experts

Roy Prince Doors Expert

Roy Prince

Roy grew up in the manufacturing and machine shop industry.  He later spent almost 15 years in world class global manufacturing companies and traveled to the world learning the different arts and aspects of manufacturing from all corners of the globe and cultures.  Working closely with Rodrigo, he continually strives to improve products from every angle from manufacturability to the cost to the end user to ensure our customers get nothing short of the very best products possible.

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