(832) 792-3667

(832) 792-3667

custom wrought iron Single Doors

Greet your family, friends, and loved ones with a feeling of stunning warmth and sophistication.


We are third-generation master-craftsmen. Our artisans are experts, and most of our knowledge has been passed down from our fathers and our father's fathers. Our doors are created by artists who are fixated on quality and innovative design.


All of our products are built 100% in-house. We start with raw, flat sheets of iron from which we sculpt beautiful masterpieces. We powder coat in our warehouse and machine our own hinges and latches. We have complete control of the entire process, and we guarantee the best quality doors that you can buy in North America.


Our customers can choose from an array of pre-fabricated styles and colors which fit in standard doorways OR they can sit with our master craftsmen and design a fully custom doors and railings. Your imagination is your only limitation.


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Amador Iron Works is proud to announce our patented energy conserving insulation technology!


Whether you live in a cold or hot environment, our thermally broken technology will keep the inside temperature where it’s supposed to be. Better than any other insulation previously in existence, our technology will save you money while keeping you comfortable.


In independent testing, our doors had an exterior temperature of -16 degrees F and the interior temperature was 75 degree F.  This differential is unlike any other iron door ever made.  Our patented design will work the same for the heat and direct sun light and ensure you have the most beautiful, secure, and efficient iron door designs on the market.  With our patented design process, we can make this thermally broken design in our Amador ready to ship line, Custom doors, or our Modern and Panorama line.

Energy Efficient Technology






Remodel Door Installation: 10 year structural warranty on doors and all door parts. 5 year finish warranty on all custom doors. 3 year finish warrant on all Amador ready-to-install doors.

Builders or New Construction: The aforementioned warranties are not applicable to builders or new construction. Please contact us directly for warranty details on new construction or builder doors.



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